Bare Beats & Dusty Ohms - The Bare Dusty Beat Tape (Audio/Limited Edition Cassette)

Bare Beats & Dusty Ohms – The Bare Dusty Beat Tape (Audio/Limited Edition Cassette)

THE BARE DUSTY BEAT TAPE is the first of a bunch of split tapes that Millennium Jazz Music will be releasing from time to time and featuring two MJM label mates going back to back on a double beat tape styled album

This split tape is the product of both beat makers deciding to put together a joint project in a scrapbook fashion, concentrating on capturing a vibe over technical tweaks and the contrasting styles sown together.

The Bare Dusty Beat Tape will hopefully be the first of many back to back beats to come from the MJM label mates. There’s even talk of a ‘Bare Dusty’ Beat tape pt.2 since Dusty Ohms and Bare Beats worked so well together. Time will tell!

A1. Must Go On feat. Jabba Tha Kut 01:54
A2. Yeah Dorothy 01:31
A3. On Rhode 01:48
A4. It’s Different 02:48
A5. Tribute ft Jabba Tha Kut 02:12
A6. Theme skit 01:43
A7. If I Must 02:00
A8. Grimsby 01:15
A9. Ohi 02:57
A10. Banshee 01:42
A11. My Heart 01:22
A12. Hypnotised 02:37

B1. CroOk’D
B2. Sky Limit
B3. Cold Kickin’ It feat. Lilac Qi
B4 4 The DL
B5. Das Vizier
B6. Berlin BreeZe
B7. Smoke F0X
B8. That Dimension
B9. BAW$E2 feat. Able8
B10. Raw Prawn
B11. Get Twisted
B12. Flight Path feat. Sycho Gast
B13. AiR MaX
B14. & I’m Out

Limited Edition Cassette

Check out the Bare Beats, ‘Hypnotised’ video from the beat tape below: