Amanda Delara - New Generation (Lyric Video/iTunes)

Amanda Delara – New Generation (Lyric Video/iTunes)

Norwegian/Iranian rising star Amanda Delara releases single, NEW GENERATION, via Sony Music today!

Within a few months of her debut single release, Amanda Delara is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting artists to surface in 2017.

With an eclectic sound and a lyrical substance that sets her apart, Amanda has a depth and breadth to her artistry which has drawn comparisons with the likes of M.I.A, Sia and Lorde.

Iranian by descent, but raised in small town Nes in Norway, this future-facing artist creates music with smart, purposeful lyrics, and an innovative and fresh production sound. The perfect antidote to confection pop, this singer, songwriter and self-taught musician has already garnered notable attention in the blogosphere and topped the Spotify viral charts since the release of her critically acclaimed singles Dirhamz and Paper, Paper.

The new single, ‘New Generation‘, is a fusion of fresh beats, global rhythms and evocative lyrics expertly scaled into a pop culture framework.

“This song is so important to me.”, says Amanda. “I believe in a New Generation who will make a big difference. One who will build bridges, fight for equality and care for each other. I’m surrounded by so many young, intelligent and open minded people who I see as the ones to bring a brighter future”.

In addition to releasing ‘New Generation’, this summer will see Amanda Delara undertake a run of festival appearances across Europe.

June 9th – Mablis Festival, Norway
June 11th – MiniOya Festival, Norway
June 23rd – Piknik I Parken, Norway
July 8th – Traena Festivial, Norway
July 15th – Slottsfjell Festivial, Norway