Confucius MC x Mr Brown - Eye of the Beholder (Music Video) + THE ARTFORM EP

Confucius MC x Mr Brown – Eye of the Beholder (Music Video) + THE ARTFORM EP

Confucius MC and Mr Brown are happy to bring you the visuals for EYE OF THE BEHOLDER taken from the new EP, THE ARTFORM

Confucius asks us to, “See art with the eye’s of the heart”,

in this spiralling optical illusion which challenges whether we can believe in everything that we see.

Both with a shared passion for art, film, manga/anime and Hip Hop Confucius MC and Mr Brown blended it all together to create ‘THE ARTFORM‘.

Mr Brown’s production showcase his classic sense of groove and masterful use of samples producing a solid mixture of unique beats. Confucius’ intelligent lyrics and superb flow combine perfectly with the beats to make a riveting and dynamic collection of songs. Thematically built on their shared interests the album examines the nature of art and the role of the artist in a subtle and conscious manner, stimulating the brain as well as the ears.

UK Hip Hop legend JEHST was drafted in for the only feature on the project, adding his unmistakable lyricism to the track ‘The Art-Form pt.2’ and helping out with some post/executive production work to complete the project.

With 7 tracks in total ‘THE ARTFORM‘ is necessary listening for anyone who likes well-produced, intelligently-written, thought-provoking modern Hip Hop.

Check out the video below and grab your copy of the EP.