Sunblaze & Quique Cruz - Adobo (Earth Bound Mix/Music Video) + 5 Boroughs, 1 Heartbeat (Album/Audio)

Sunblaze & Quique Cruz – Adobo (Earth Bound Mix/Music Video) + 5 Boroughs, 1 Heartbeat (Album/Audio)

SUNBLAZE & QUIQUE CRUZ release the first visual, ADOBO (EARTH BOUND MIX), off the album, 5 BOROUGHS, 1 HEARTBEAT. The video is an extension of the bi-coastal collaboration album by 2 Puerto Rican emcee’s on both sides of N. America… NYC & Santa Ana, California

‘Adobo (Earth Bound Mix)’ is THE Latino Hip Hop anthem of 2017! This bilingual banger contains a classic salsa sample, a hard hitting drum pattern accented by a filtered breakbeat and topped off with Celia Cruz’s voice yelling,


throughout the entire track! This is your summertime feel-good joint for 2017!

Brooklyn-born emcee, Sunblaze, teamed up with Manhattan-born emcee/producer Quique Cruz to create ‘5 Boroughs, 1 Heartbeat’, dedicated to their birthplace, New York City. The 5 boroughs… where thousands of Puerto Rican’s settled after the American invasion of their island. The rotten apple… where countless Nuyoricans contributed significantly to the development of Hip Hop culture. This album is a reflection of that reality.

Produced entirely by Quique Cruz, 5 Boroughs, 1 Heartbeat is an audio experience that combines classic Latin music samples with hard hitting drum patterns and emotion enhancing synth pads to create a fresh new sound for the Hip Hop world. Sunblaze takes the primary vocalist roll with his abrasive delivery that blends comic book references with NYC street smarts and the effortless bilingual change-ups he’s known around the world for.

With guest appearances from the prominent Reppond of Verbal Threat, Southern California’s legendary Buxaburn and Chilean emcee Nikodekons, this album will go down in history as a classic.