Ancient Astronauts & Azeem - Devils of Digital (Audio/Free Download)

Ancient Astronauts & Azeem – Devils of Digital (Audio/Free Download)

Germany’s Ancient Astronauts have linked up with Bay Area lyricist Azeem to bring you, DEVILS OF DIGITAL, off their upcoming collaborative album, BROKEN PUPPETS

One of the paramount names in underground Hip Hop, Germany’s Ancient Astronauts aim to show up their American contemporaries with a work that is every bit as forward-thinking as it is old-school. A heady, brewing commixture of Hip Hop, soul and elucidating poetry, ‘BROKEN PUPPETS’ serves as a staggering volley into the radio-ready market, which is sure to find the band an audience beyond their cultishly small and devoted fanbase.

On their fourth full-length LP, Ancient Astronauts, once again, employ the talents of Bay Area lyricist Azeem, master of the seven-rhyme technique.

Be on the lookout for the official first single, coming out Sept 1st and now check out ‘Devils of Digital’ and grab your free copy below, it will prepare you for their upcoming collaborative album, ‘BROKEN PUPPETS’, out Sept 30th.