River Nelson - Navigation EP (Audio)

River Nelson – Navigation EP (Audio)

NAVIGATION is the new EP from U.S. Conscious Hip Hop artist River Nelson, that will serve as a bridge to his next full-length album coming at the beginning of 2018

The new EP follows River’s critically acclaimed albums ‘How To Dream‘ (2016) BBC 6 Music Album of the Day, ‘The Shape of The Sky’ (2013) and ‘The Rise and Fall of River Nelson’ (2010).

Consisting of three tracks, ‘Navigation’ is about taking chances in your life, discovering new ground and finding new ways of making it through the daily challenges.

“Lately, I’ve been trying to find better ways of getting through the everyday struggles that we face and just trying to grow and be a better person overall,” said River. “To me, that process is a Navigation, so I thought the title was fitting”.

The songs on ‘Navigation’ include the title track, where River discusses the meaning of the EP. There’s also the cut ‘Sun & The Sea’, which is about ignoring those social conventions that may be bad for us, like always chasing money, for example. And the last song on the EP is ‘Glow’, a heartwarming story about a single father and his 9-year-old daughter who are trying to make it through hard times and see better days’

The producers on ‘Navigation’ include the UK’s MrSoulsFull (Navigation), as well as the UK’s Giacomo Trivelli from the acclaimed group Sam Sure & Giacomo (Sun & Sea, Glow).

In addition, River said the new release is the perfect segway into his next studio album,

“The ‘Navigation’ EP is the beginning of a constant stream of new music that I’ll be releasing over the next year or so, and it’ll give a glimpse of where I am as a writer and MC right now,” he stated.

River Nelson – Navigation EP will be available this October.