Flex Mathews ft. Kosha Dillz - Not That Bright (Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

Flex Mathews ft. Kosha Dillz – Not That Bright (Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

Flex Mathews and Kosha Dillz have been rapper-friends for quite some time. After rolling together for nearly 10 years, a good theme for a song of theirs could be called, NOT THAT BRIGHT

The two have toured the world together from Honolulu to New York City, playing stages from crowds of 20 to 2000 people, only finding themselves staying at the most random places on tour. ‘Not That Bright’ is Produced by Unown, who is entirely responsible for Flex’s debut album ‘Hi, I’m Flex Mathews‘.

The duo bounces back playfully on the 90’s style beat while kosha’s raps about everything from

“Ducking all that haters, dodging all attackers, the stay at home bloggers, Hollywood actors.” Flex blesses the simple hook “Hey I didn’t mean to leave you lost like that, if you looking for the boy you can find him on the map…if this song change your life than your not that bright”.

He is serious when he says that too. If you enjoy comical honesty, you’ll love his comparisons.

“My echo no Kevin Bacon, maybe it’s a Black thing but the boy love bacon”,

In a world of differences, this black, and Jewish jam session is a breath of fresh air for any listener.

Luckily you don’t have to be that bright to realize this beat and flow works perfectly for the beginning of your week!

Flex Mathews ft. Kosha Dillz – Not That Bright via iTunes/Spotify