Fonzie - Wait (Audio)

Fonzie – Wait (Audio)

London based emcee Fonzie is back again with another one, his latest release is entitled, WAIT

‘Wait’ takes us on a completely different journey to the tracks that have recently been released. This track appears to be made solely for Fonzie as his flows effortlessly seem to catch every pocket. ‘Wait’ encompasses all that is Fonzie with his nonchalant sounding vibe and witty punchlines.

Fonzie is most definitely making a late run towards the end of 2017 with a flurry of recent releases and ‘WAIT’ is doing no more than showing what else Fonzie has up his sleeve. Time is of the essence so go and listen to this track before everyone else is talking about it. Do not wait any longer as ‘Wait’ is now here!

As rightly said by Fonzie, “Look at my palms I ain’t got time on my hands”.