T-Pain - OBLiViON (Album/Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

T-Pain – OBLiViON (Album/Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

T-Pain releases his 5th studio album, OBLiViON. The multi-platinum artist has been teasing the release of his new album for the last few months, releasing a steady stream of singles including Textin’ My Ex featuring Tiffany Evans, Goal Line featuring Blac Youngsta, and F.B.G.M. featuring Young M.A

Following his darker and melancholic 2011 album, ‘rEVOLVEr’, T-Pain’s first album in 6 years feels more like a celebration of5 the icon. The album features Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, Wale, and more. ‘OBLiViON‘ was mostly produced by Dre Moon and includes some production from T-Pain himself as well.

Hands-down one of the most influential figures in modern music, T-Pain continues to explore and experiment with new sounds on ‘OBLiViON’. His innovative use of vocal effects, his singular voice, and unparalleled songwriting abilities changed the way artists have approached making music for more than a decade.

The two-time GRAMMY Award winner is fresh off a special acoustic tour in which he played new versions of his hits like ‘Buy U a Drank’, ‘Bartender’, and ‘5 O’Clock’. On the tour, T-Pain showed that his songwriting and vocal talents don’t need to hide behind Auto-tune or any effects and reaffirmed for any doubters that his hits are timeless and classic songs.

T-Pain – OBLiViON via iTunes/Spotify
(Nappy Boy Entertainment/Konvict Muzik/RCA Records)
1. Who Died (Prod. by Dre Moon & Tommy “Tbhits” Brown)
2. Classic You feat. Chris Brown (Prod. by T-Pain and Floyd “A1” Bentley)
3. Straight (Prod. by Dre Moon)
4. That’s How It Go (Prod. by Allstar)
5. No Rush (Prod. by ISM & Floyd “A1” Bentley)
6. Pu$$y On The Phone (Prod. by Dre Moon)
7. Textin’ My Ex feat. Tiffany Evans (Prod. by Dre Moon)
8. May I feat. Mr. Talkbox (Prod. by T-Pain)
9. I Told My Girl feat. Manny G (Prod. by Dre Moon, Xplosive, & Abaz)
10. She Needed Me (Prod. by T-Pain)
11. Your Friend (Prod. by Dre Moon, Tommy “Tbhits” Brown, & Mr. Franks)
12. CeeCee from DC feat. Wale (Prod. by Major Seven)
13. Goal Line feat. Blac Youngsta (Prod. by Dre Moon)
14. 2Fine feat. Ty Dolla $ign (Prod. by Dre Moon)
15. That Comeback T-Pain & Ne-Yo (Prod. by T-Pain)
16. Second Chance (Don’t Back Down) feat. Roberto Cacciapaglia (Prod. by T-Pain)