Urban Vault Interviews – Sicknature

Urban Vault Interviews – Sicknature

Urban Vault caught up with Sicknature, (Hip Hop producer/emcee based in Copenhagen), of the Snowgoons to ask him some questions about his new music, inspirations, and collaborations

Sicknature is mostly known for his productions for other artists (Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, M.O.P., La Coka Nostra, Onyx, Slaine, Canibus, A.O.T.P. just to name a few) and his involvement as a producer in the production quartet Snowgoons. His voice, however, has earned recognition worldwide as well. His albums ‘Honey I’m Home’ (2007) and ‘Nature Of The Contaminated’ (2013) has contained punchlines, personal history, and political views and has taught the Hip Hop audience that Sicknature can handle things solo, too.

Four years after his latest solo effort, Sicknature returns with an EP titled ‘Copenhagen Kaiju’ containing slamming and epic beats, catchy hooks, and aggressive rap, proving that Sick is indeed a master of both producing and emceeing.

What is your name and where are you from?

Sicknature via Dopenhagen/Denmark

How long have you been making music?

For more than 20 years! Time flies!

How many songs/albums have you released?

Too hard to answer. I have released many mixtapes, demos etc. during the years. I have been part of projects that have been considered to be mine even though they weren´t. Plus I am in the group Snowgoons – we have released many projects. Officially there have been 2 real Sicknature solo projects. The first was “Honey Im Home” which dropped in 2007. The second was ‘Nature Of The Contaminated’ which was released in 2013. The third, which will be an EP, was released November 24th 2017.

The New album… My new project is an EP titled ‘Copenhagen Kaiju’ which was released today (November 24th). My latest release (Nature Of The Contaminated from 2013) was very political and deep. I kinda needed to step away from that a bit and create something a little less serious. The EP contains 8 tracks which are more or less just hardcore Hip Hop and even though I am proud of my 2013 release, I believe the new songs will be a bit easier to digest.

Who have you collaborated with?

Man, the list is too long. If you look at how many artists we have worked with in the Snowgoons, it´s crazy. Probably somewhere over 100-200 artists.

Collaborations in the future?

Napoleon Da Legend, who is featured on the new project, and I have been talking about doing more songs together. It might turn into a project. I am also working with Hellfire & Sic-Min from Staten Island – dope rappers, that people really need to check out! Other than that, Snowgoons, who are more known for collaborating with a lot of artists at once, have many in mind. Time will tell who turns out to be featured on the next Snowgoons album.

What and who inspires you?

Artists that Im a fan of like Ill Bill, Chuck D, B-Real and many others. Other than that Im inspired by people, being in nature, my past & my future goals.

How have you ended up in the music industry?

Well, I love to make music and express my feelings through art. At some point, you want to share it with the people, hoping that you can inspire or make changes for the better. So I guess it came naturally.

The industry in 2017?

I think there are more options for artists nowadays. The streaming industry is helpful in many ways and it doesn’t take big budgets to release music anymore. However, since it´s gotten easier, there are more musicians out there releasing music than ever before, and one could argue if a bunch of these musicians should have spent more time getting better or if they should have worked at a grocery shop instead.

Plans for 2018?

I will continue to promote my EP and do shows. I will work on more new solo material. I will continue building with the dope artists I mentioned earlier. We are also working on new Snowgoons material which might drop next year.

Favorite track?

I have too many to list here. Depends on the mood.

What do you do when you don´t make music?

Either I’m at the laundromat or I’m traveling, or spending time with my family/friends.

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In a few words sum up your thoughts about Urban Vault UK and what we’re trying to do?

Thanx to Urbanvault for spreading the word on dope Hip Hop to the people! Salute!

Thank you for your time and may you carry on making dope, fresh music…

Sicknature – Copenhagen Kaiju EP via iTunes/Spotify/Vinyl/CD