The Mighty Capeech - Let Em Know (Audio)

The Mighty Capeech – Let Em Know (Audio)

Toronto, CA based Hip Hop artist The Mighty Capeech drops his new track, LET EM KNOW

The Mighty Capeech has been making ground on the CMJ Hip Hop Charts in the U.S. & Canada since 2015 with an upbeat feel & Boom-Bap, Primo-style beats (heavy drums and soul samples) & raps that never disappoint.

Influenced by Rakim, Gangstarr, Mobb Deep & Tribe Called Quest he takes you back to when Hip Hop was not just a marketing tool for corporations raping the culture. If you’re waiting for someone to bring that 90’s Hip Hop back. Capeech is your guy.

The Mighty Capeech hits with a new blaxploitation like track ‘Let’em know‘. Just like a movie he sets the scenes & directs listeners over sweet strings & drums that snatch your ears.

With lines like, “We was on the grind homie listen to Jay/ we was trying to shine homie fk what you say”.

Capeech lets us know the ‘Do or Die’ mentality of street cats every day.