Zeo Zeonardo - Wolverine 2 (Music Video)

Zeo – Wolverine 2 (Music Video)

Wolverhampton native Zeo Zeonardo has begun 2018 in true style with the release of his monumental track WOLVERINE 2, fuelled by his rapid flow that detonates through the mesmerizing beat

Authenticity fuels Wolverhampton native Zeo Zeonardo who carved his name within the Midlands grime and rap scene. Constructing a unique flow that catapults with scattergun delivery, Zeo turns up the gears and enhances his previously seen capabilities on his latest release ‘Wolverine 2’.

Detonating through the track at an accelerating speed, Zeo spits over an enchanting loop that echoes through the core of the song. The atmospheric ‘Wolverine 2’, which plays on the name of his hometown and acts as a metaphor for Zeo’s superpowers as an emcee, is paired with cinematic visuals set in an isolated desert, courtesy of Kyle ‘Shox’ Brown.

Witnessing the steady growth of his fan base over recent years, Zeo’s work as a producer and rapper has been increasingly recognized within the scene. Having recently supported US Hip Hop artist Hopsin on his Savageville UK tour alongside Token, he’s worked with established artists over the years such as JME (BBK), DJ Q (BBC Radio 1Xtra), Trilla, Bassboy, and TRC. He has also had his music supported and played across local and national platforms, as well as being featured by the UK tastemakers including SBTV, GRM Daily, and RWD mag.

Harbouring an eclectic sound that falls on the cusp of multiple genres, Zeo is renowned for his experimental production and flows and ‘Wolverine 2’ is a prime example.

“This is my sound, this is a sound that I am proud of!” – Zeo Zeonardo.

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