PHZ-Sicks - Riot In My Memory (Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

PHZ-Sicks – Riot In My Memory (Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

Woodbridge, Virginia emcee PHZ-Sicks (pronounced physics) presents RIOT IN MY MEMORY, the new single from his forthcoming album GOOD DAY, GREATER TOMORROW

Produced by Epik The Dawn and PHZ-Sicks, ‘Riot In My Memory’ features drums by Spencer Vliet as well as additional Vocals by Seanny Greggs, Gabrielle Nutter, & Whitney Thompson, and comes on the heels of previous album single ‘Hurts‘. PHZ-Sicks will release a new single from the album on the 23rd of each month leading up to the album’s summer drop. His album ‘The Moment’ landed on 2DopeBoyz ‘Best Mixtapes of 2013’ (watch the music video for ‘The Constant‘).

PHZ says: “Riot” comes from a place of “frustration and anger leading to catharsis. The fact that people turn a blind eye to the issue of police brutality is mind-boggling. You can’t be a caring person that says ‘I see no race’ but won’t stand next to your fellow human being if there is a scientific fact that we are being treated differently and inhumanely. I wanted to vent while also fighting against the asinine follow-up questions whenever a person of color brings up this topic. I don’t want my words, my body or my music to be trodden upon. Music can heal a nation and also build a nation… and sometimes you have to tear shit up”.

PHZ-Sicks – Riot In My Memory via iTunes/Spotify