Part Time Cooks - Discipline (Prod. by Staillest/Audio)

Part Time Cooks – Discipline (Prod. by Staillest/Audio)

Seoul, Republic of Korea based Hip Hop duo Part Time Cooks Demonstrate DISCIPLINE, by releasing a New Song every Friday!

‘Discipline’ is the 4th consecutive #PartTimeFriday and Part Time Cooks are proving to be one of the most consistent Hip Hop acts of 2018 thus far. In a climate where lyricism is making its way back to the forefront, PTC is making it clear that they are among the best in the game.

The duo released quality tracks such as ‘Dope Dealer‘, ‘안녕‘, ‘Malema Face‘ and now serve their latest sizzler, ‘Discipline’.

Filled with unique rhymes schemes and multi-syllabic flows, the Seoul based duo effortlessly convey the story of the discipline it has taken to get them where they are and to commit to feeding the street with a quality product.

Produced by VMC label mate Staillest, ‘Discipline’ is a perfect mesh between modern trap production and an early 2000s bounce.