Advertising is a gateway to fresh new music, fashion, and events news, updated regularly and with an extensive back catalog of content. Established in 2010, we hold a comprehensive database of urban music producers and events organizers globally, ensuring Urban Vault is first to release a magnitude of UK/international exclusives. A loyal following on social media platforms and over 10,000 unique visits each month means your advert will get seen by music lovers and industry professionals alike.

Having built strong relationships with pioneers in the urban music industry, we have made videos with the likes of International artists such as Silqe, Insane Macbeth, Chase Taylor and A.D Weighs (As part of our Reverbnation affiliation). In addition, our catalog of EPs includes Urban Vault exclusives from Dub Pistols, Fonzo, UK Runnings, DJ Mylz of Headucation, Chase Taylor and DJ Hellblazer. We continue to collaborate with and promote the producers of international urban music.

We have attractive introductory rates, a simple pricing plan and can design adverts, write copy and plan advertising schedules. Check out our media pack for recent stats or contact for further information.

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