Lay Z ft. JME & Frisco That’s What I’m On (Music Video)

Lay Z ft. JME & Frisco – That’s What I’m On (Music Video)

North London Grime MC is joined by his Boy Better Know brothers JME and Frisco for the brand new track ‘That’s What I’m On’. Produced by the infamous Teddy Music, he provides an classical beat reminiscent of the old school Grime era, taking it back to its roots, with all the MC’s murking each verse, and a memorable, catchy hook.

The video is unpretentious, allowing the bars to take the limelight, with JME & Frisco complementing the track by both addingtheir distinctive lyrical qualities, bars and content.


You will recognise the 26-year old MC from one of the most memorable clashes on Lord Of The Mics with Marger, where Lay Z won based on his lyrics and no holds barred approach. However he doesn’t like to talk about it anymore just stating that he ‘JA Ruled him’.  He went on to work a lot with BBK performing at Fabric where the crowd knew every word of his lyrics. Performing at the Red Bull Culture Clash with the most well known crew in Grime, where they were crowned champions in 2012 was a big achievement. Also Coming back in 2014 to defend their title was also a massive achievement, even though this  time round they came second.

 Last year ‘Shaky’ was born when Redbull sent Lay Z along with BBK members Maximum, Jammer, Skepta, Frisco, Solo 45 and Shorty to Jamaica, where they recorded the track with Newbaan.

“Redbull sending us to Jamaica is definitely one of the highlights of my music career. That experience was amazing. Meeting Ninja Man, Popcarn and Jah Cure… And recording in Shaggy’s studio.”

Lay Z’s music is heavily supported by DJ  Cameo, DJ Target, DJ Logan Sama, Spyro, Mane Norte, Rinse FM, Choice FM and BBC Radio 1Xtra. SBTV, GRM Daily and Red Bull.

Naturally BBK are supporters of Lay Z’s music as are Roll Deep and various other grime acts.

Lay Z can also sing and is currently working on an RnB project. He has also referred to himself in the past as

“The pretty one who goes in…”

when describing his BBK/grime unique selling point.