UV International Presents: Millennium Jazz Music – The Relentless (Free Download)

UV International Presents: Millennium Jazz Music – The Relentless (Free Download)

We are fast approaching the height of the Summer season and hopefully you have already enjoyed some Barbecues and chilled out days and nights among your nearest and dearest. Whether you have or you’re yet to get some plans in to action let’s hope our little summer album makes it on to your playlists.

The Relentless represents the work ethic of some of our label mates and their constant willingness to come up with brand new material for our friends and supporters to listen to. This is an in-house album featuring some of our current and new artists that are working with us.

The album is free of any concept, free of any particular style as all express themselves in their own way, and last but not least, this project is free for your downloading and listening pleasure.

We hope you like it. Have a good Summer!


Diligent Fingers – UK
Pawcut – Germany
Sycho Gast – Turkey
Gadget – UK
Bones The Beat Head – Germany
SmokedBeat – Canada
Garcia’s Grooves – United States
Bare Beats – UK
Dusty Ohms – UK
Stará Kazka – Ukraine
NoName KolektyF – Poland

MJM086: The Relentless
Mastered and compiled by Gadget at the Audio Dojo
Artwork by Bones The Beat Head