Deepo – Government Shoes EP + Music Video (Prod. By Deepo)

Deepo – Government Shoes EP + Music Video (Prod. By Deepo)

Check out this hard-hitting and controversial yet satirical and humorous debut music video, from Manchester rapper ‘Deepo’, for the title track from his ‘Government Shoes EP’.

Government Shoes is a journey into the political awakening of Deepo. From ambiguous cynicism, to hate, open revolt, and ultimately love.

“In Britain, our police commit murder and the institution allows it. Our government is controlled by corporate forces operating to enslave us, hidden beneath a veil of ignorance. Resistance is infiltrated, agitated, and led astray. Rappers want to chat about bumble bees and umbrellas? …… Knobs….. ennit…”

Deepo has linked up with producers Kydro and Bricky Mortar to bring you this long awaited 6 track EP with Room2 Records. Songs written over the course of two years document the mind of a young man trying to make sense of the madness. The beats are heavy, the rhymes both serious and absurd. This sets the agenda for the movement.

“Let them elect who they want…”  #VoteDeepo