Griz-O – Crazy (Music Video) + No Man’s Land (Mixtape/Free Download)

Griz-O – Crazy (Music Video) + No Man’s Land (Mixtape/Free Download)

Following Griz-O’s booming track ‘Go Griz’, and the subsequent video, the charismatic rapper from the South-West has decided to keep the ball rolling, further cementing his arrival with his phenomenal new Video ‘Crazy’! As well has his much awaited mixtape ‘NO MAN’S LAND’.

Dropping ‘Go Griz’ was an introduction to the outstanding rapper and served to share a glimpse of his distinctive sound, while the new mixtape demonstrates the many facets and influences that make up Griz’ art. The old school grime/garage influence is plain to see, whilst other Hip Hop influences are subtler.

Griz’s work represents a growing and shifting culture of UK music and underground sound, showcasing a lyrical prowess reminiscent of grime’s more popular period, but still unique to himself, which is probably why he’s been pegged as ‘one to watch watch’ by 5Mag and received heavy support from 1xtra.

‘Crazy’ is the second video from the No Man’s Land mixtape, and tells the tale of a romance between Griz and a love interest that represents the artist’s girlfriend at the time.

He explains: “The girl I was seeing at the time she wasn’t really happy with the amount of time I was spending in the studio and doing shows and not seeing her. For me saying I was always busy was an easy excuse, so I wrote a song just to say I ain’t forgot about her”.

With a sound inspired by the likes of UK rap greats Kano and Wiley, it is evident to see where Griz-O gets his musical flare. Pushing the bar higher than the standards set by this young rappers inspirations, Griz-O is headed for big things and set to maul anything in his way!