Edgar Sekloka – Encore (Prod. by Guts/Free Download)

Edgar Sekloka – Encore (Prod. by Guts/Free Download)

Edgar Sekloka (alias Suga) is a french born author-composer-rapper with cameroonian-beninese origins. At high school, he decided to build a home studio with Kumotronic, a friend beatmaker, to get beats that suits him best.

Edgar is also a writer and in 2008, he released his firt novel ‘coffee’ (Editions Sarbacane) and the second ‘Adulte à présent’ in 2011. His writing skills led him to lead writing masterclasses with children, teenagers or adults.

Simultaneously, he decided with Gaël Faye, with whom they were performing slam poetry, to rap together into a group called ‘Milk Coffee and Sugar’.Their inspiration comes from Hip Hop Jazz like The Roots, from the french label Time Bomb, from the african rythms. They are well-known for their beautiful lyrics expressing their humanist values. In 2010, their first album was released with some international featurings such as Tumi and The Volume (south africa), Beat Assaillant (USA), Jali (Rwanda). They were performing for the opening act for Oxmo Puccino, La Rumeur, Blitz the Ambassador, Ben l’Oncle Soul or Tumi and The Volume.

In 2015, Edgar starts its solo career and expresses his present struggles as an artist with the release of the Sugatape, only available on his Youtube page (L’Electro avant l’acoustique, Les chanteuses avant les Divas, La danse des MCS).

Last summer, he worked with Yao Bobby on a project in Togo that will be released in spring 2016 with some tour dates in Switzerland. His debut solo EP will also be released next year as well as a new novel.

2008 – Coffee, nominated for the RFO award
2013 – Milk Coffee and Sugar, Discovery of Printemps de Bourges
2013 – Milk Coffee and Sugar, award winner of FAIR

The Bridge Promotion brings you the first international single from France’s own Edgar Sekloka, ‘Encore’, the track was produced by the famous beatmaker Guts who he met while doing a remix ‘Want it back’ (sung by Patrice) on ‘Hip-Hop after all’.