Skyler ft. Snoop Dogg – FIRE (Prod. by Trend Def/Music Video)

Teen pop darling Skyler has joined Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg for her debut offering ‘Fire’, produced by Trend Def. At the tender age of 16yrs, Skyler is crafting dynamic pop hits way beyond her years inspired by the likes of Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera and bands The 1975, All Time Low and Blink-182. Her first collaboration with Snoop Dogg sets the bar pretty high and she is perfectly at ease with the prospect of stardom.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California and with firm routes in sunny Bournemouth, England, Skyler has got what it takes to break markets in both the US and the UK. The new single ‘Fire’ is her way of making an impact on the world and lighting up people’s lives. As well as being a burgeoning pop star, Skyler loves helping animals and frequently volunteers at animal rescue centres.

On top of a yearning passion for music Skyler is obsessed with everyone’s favourite Antarctic inhabitant, The Penguin. Aside from a fierce passion for these furry flightless birds, Skyler enjoys the exciting world of British football and is a staunch supporter of Arsenal Football Club, waking up in the early hours of the morning to watch her favourite team play.

Skyler is lyrically articulate, vocally stunning and musically in tune and is on her way to cement herself as a lasting pop act.

Skyler feat. Snoop Dogg – Fire
Out January 29th 2016.