Alphamale – Battle Grounds (Prod. by Stigmata/Music Video)

Alphamale is a New York based artist with a unmatched passion and raw approach to Hip Hop. Pairing his lyrical ability with grit and a love for the art, every song takes you into the mind of Alphamale. Sharing the stages with the likes of Sean P, Mobb Deep, Bubba Sparxx and Ces Cru within the past year Alphamale is quickly expanding his network.

In early 2014 Alphamale published a book ‘This Is Alpha’ which he is following up with his album set to drop March 1st titled ‘All Sides of Alpha‘. This album takes you through the many different styles of Hip Hop Alphamale is capable of creating from party to real talk tracks. His hopes are to reach his listeners on a different level and really connect.

Since the release of All Sides of Alpha, Alphamale has been working on branding and plotting his next moves. With the recent release of the first video of his upcoming EP ‘The Battle Grounds’, Alphamale has set the tone for what you can expect moving forward. ‘The Battle Ground’ EP is Alpha letting it be known that he is playing for keeps, with an aggressive approach and raw lyrical precision.

The first single and intro track titled ‘Battle Ground’ ushers in the NEW ERA OF ALPHA. The video was directed and edited by Stigmata of Vision Studios.