Uprise Audio Presents: LSN – Double Edge/Walkyman (UA016/17/12/15)

LSN mark the last release of 2015 with two stunning drum and bass incarnations. LSN make their debut appearance with a DnB track called Diyumi, which was featured on the smash hit album Live From The Future Extended edition. Diyumi was on constant rotation by some of the biggest names in bass music and quickly turned the spot light in LSN’s direction…

Double Edge – Double Edge has an old school flavour and takes shape with poignant kick drums, a haunting guitar riff and driving groove. Its intensity builds with anthemic bleeps and indistinguishable vocal chatter; key components in the composition, which is one of great detail with very thought out arrangement. Many sections change the direction of the track cohesively and intelligently, consistently keeping energy level to an optimum, constantly reinforced by the catchy baseline and deep heavy subs.

Walkyman – Tribal swingy beats, feedback distortion and harmonic vocals set the atmospheric foundations. Walkyman drops tough, but with a minimalist almost nuero approach to the bass work. Walkyman builds pressure with alarm like melody and crunchy midrange elements carving out their own groove in unison. The track is so intense and suspenseful, it compliments Double Edge perfectly and shows another string to the LSN bow.