Uprise Audio Presents: Seven – Shaker / Seven & Joe Raygun – Elevate (UA015/Jan 2016/Vinyl Only)

It marks the first release of 2016, kicking of the imprint’s tight release schedule with a bang. Together with its extended artist roster, they’re ready to take on this year with more exciting, out-of-the-box booming bass wonders.

Shaker – London’s dubstep manifestor Seven opens ‘Shaker’ with a mystical arpeggiated rhythm that builds to an intense climax from the ground up. Its minimalistic behaviour, backed by dark edgy atmospheres, a square-waved lead & heavy-duty bass weight, captures the essence of the artist’s vision. Seven has aimed for maximum impact with this anthemic A-side of his awaited ‘UA015’ release – and succeeds in stating the future Uprise Audio sound.

Elevate – ‘Elevate’ follows suit with the raw vocal talents of Joe Raygun, who manages to infuse his conscious, mind-opening lyrics into the track’s core. Combined with wild peaks, wicked grime-esque basslines and unconventional melodies, imprint head-honcho Seven has built a track of the highest grade. It embodies every aspect of a hot record, simply because its uplifting vibe isn’t reworked easily. Every frequency it generates plays part in preparing people for the future carnations of Uprise Audio music – fasten your seat belts!

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