Grindstone and Bomani Armah – BLACK STUFF (Music Video)

Grindstone and Bomani Armah release visuals for their collaborative track ‘BLACK STUFF’. ‘BLACK STUFF‘ is a rapid-fire, lyrical narrative about the Black experience. It’s fun, political, serious, observant, and intelligent at the same time.

The cutting-edge graphic presentation, is also an usual take on revolutionary rap. We are letting you in to the multi-faceted world of Black people in America.

About Grindstone – Hailing from Washington, DC, via Oakland, California, Grindstone attributes his roots in the Bay Area to inciting his appreciation for a variety of musical and lifestyle influences that are pervasive in his work. Befittingly describing himself as observant and analytical, he graduated with honors from Hampton University (Virginia) as a Biology pre-med major with an interest in psychiatry. Fascinated by the relationship between music, artistic expression, and behavior, Grindstone realized his knack for writing and rhyming in his post-collegiate years. As a hobby, when rhyming and drawing were not considered realistic financial endeavors, he developed his skill as a personal escape from the structured medical field.

As the current CEO of his clothing company, Grindstone Universal, LLC, he appreciates the opportunity that the musical platform has given him to share his perspective. A true grinder and renaissance man of sorts, ultimately you’ll find that he is a dreamer. Generally motivated by the ideal of experiencing a life tailored to his specific liking, his hustle ethic is contagious. He lives by the mantra: “You got to be about it or be without it”. Grindstone promises to guide you on the path of social enlightenment through uncompromising art in one way or another. Pushing the line where progress is made and truth is revealed, is what Grindstone is all about.

About Bomani Armah – Bomani Armah is “…not a rapper, but a poet with a hip-hop style”. Most known for his viral hit “Read a Book”, Bomani combines the poetic lyricism and social commentary in the tradition of Langston Hughes and KRS-ONE, with the soul stirring sounds you can find anywhere in the African Diaspora. He’s a must see, whether as a spoken word poet, workshop facilitator, solo emcee or the front man with his afro-funk-rock-gogo-hiphop band IMMALETCHUFINISH.

As a poet he takes his cues from his favorite writers like Yusef Komonyakaa and E. Ethelbert Miller. As a lyricist and songwriter he strives to live up to the legacy of his favorites like Bob Marley, George Clinton, Fela and Frankie Beverly and Maze.

Bomani used his biting sarcasm and bits classical piano training to develop one of the most hilarious and impacting critiques of modern culture, Read a Book. This song, that began as a free give away on his MySpace page, exploded across the internet, leading to an animated video deal with BET and a storm of simultaneous praise and hate. While being lauded by the over 4 million people who have viewed in on YouTube and the shocked and awed crowd at 106th & Park, he was attacked mercilessly by CNN, Jesse Jackson and Michael Baisden and others who seemed to be out of touch with the youth Bomani dealt with daily. Undeterred, Bomani released his next single/video Grown Ass Man (viewed over 63,000 times) as well as his ‘self bootlegged’ debut album Radio Friendly.

In 2012 he released his first chapbook of poetry and essays with an accompanying album entitled Circumlocution Vol II. Part diary, part inquisitive finger poking into the eye of society, Circumlocution is the latest incarnation of the combination of his multiple talents as he weaves poetry, emceeing and music. Nothing personifies that more than his new band #Immaletchufinish which showcases Bomani as lead vocalist with the ground stirring soul, funk, rock and hip-hop riding the rhythm of West African jembe drums. 2015 finds him prepping his second full-length album Watermelon Man featuring his single’s Late Shift and My People, and layered with Bomani’s signature percussive funk.