Jameston Thieves x YOOKiE – Freshkimo EP (Audio/Beatport & Spotify)

Grabbing loads of attention back in 2015 with their hard hitting trap-house creation titled ‘Get Down‘, alongside Swagglerock, Jameston Thieves and YOOKiE are at it again, but this time with a wonky, hard hitting, EP titled ‘Freshkimo’, available for purchase via Beatport and Spotify.

Last week teasing ‘Freshkimo’ with their first single released as a free download, ‘Xanax Pancakes’ kicks off the EP with an industrially cinematic tone, drawing one in as laser piercing synths and deep bass snarls induce a wonky trip. As one begins to regain their bearings, self titled ‘Freshkimo’ grabs hold of the reigns, nose diving into a maniacal state of textured rhythms, swerving between sinister, low growls and airy pitch bends.

Rising to a transiently melodious plateau, ‘Trippin 4 U’, constantly veers to the left as plucked keys are replaced with face-melting stabs and weighty wubs. Leaving no room for hesitation, appropriately titled ‘Bonkerz’ knocks one back down for one final assault, riddled with swift onslaughts of high energy and ruthless sound design.

Starting off the new year strong, both Jameston Thieves & YOOKiE are only on the way up from here!