In honor of Dilla month and the 10th anniversary of J Dilla’s passing, New York producer Dezo Williams gives us a hard-hitting tribute instrumental ‘Spirit Of Dilla’.

This track was composed of multiple samples and soundbytes straight from Dilla tracks, as well as compiled ‘dead-air’ spots from numerous J Dilla raps which overlays throughout the entire track to serve as the ‘Spirit Of Dilla’.

The climax of this funky tribute sees Dilla cheering Dezo on in continuing to carry the torch that was lit by Dilla himself in his work. Ending with a stamp of approval in the form of an echoing,

“It’s Like That!”

Dennis ‘DEZO’ Williams was born in Brooklyn, NY and resides in Staten Island, NY. He’s a Recording Artist, Music Producer and Remixer. His deep passion for music began with Hip Hop at an early age but his creativity flows through all genres of music from Rock, Dance, Jazz, World etc.. He’s a self taught musician who plays several instruments including drums, keyboards and guitar.

His first album ‘BAGELS‘ (Dedicated to J Dilla’s ‘DONUTS’) was released in 2007. He later follows that album with BAGELS 2: DIRTY MUZIK and has produced for several artists as Phokuss, Euro League, James Shahan to name a few. He is currently releasing a remix EP on June 30th, working on two upcoming albums as well as producing for Comedy Girls based in The Bronx.