Kosha Dillz & Murs – We Are Different (Music Video)

Kosha Dillz & Murs – We Are Different (Music Video)

Hip Hop has grown into something massive and beyond our own control. Our parents now listen to it, and our friends who hate Hip Hop have even found ways to like certain kinds of Hip Hop. For Jewish freestyle rapper Kosha Dillz, ‘We Are Different’ has become his live anthem on tour, celebrating his weirdness and off centered niche with west coast Living Legend Murs. When Murs’ and Kosha first met in Sioux Falls, South Dakota it certainly wasn’t their similarities that brought them together. Years later they connected again and Kosha landed a spot on the coveted Paid Dues Festival in San Bernardino along side Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Rapsody, Mac Miller and more. Murs came on to do Kosha Dillz’ annual OY VEY SXSW event twice @ SXSW, and then released this song and album on Label 316. Similar to the video, OY VEY SXSW thrives on connecting different acts and genres on one bill.

The video directed by Diwon and Ed Jansen, shows portraits of Hollywood street characters and superheroes and a street performance on the boulevard with Free Hug signs. Murs was always fascinated by the street performing Kosha, who took upon the new line of performance while touring was down.

Since then, Kosha Dillz recently announced that he made over $50,000 rapping outside the 57th Grammy Awards via street performing. By creating in the studio with Jesse, who went on to produce almost the entirety of Murs’ Strange Music release, the inspiration tune really tells the world why being different is ok, and will lead you to victory if you stay on course.. As the Lyrics say,

“ We Are Different…it’s gonna be ok”.

The song is available on Awkward in a Good Way, via Murs’ Label 316. OY VEY SXSW will continue this year in SXSW on March 17th @ Sledge Hammer and feature various acts from Israel to Houston and more.