Millennium Jazz Music Presents: Tough Crowd – We’re All In This Together EP (7″/Free Download)

Tough Crowd originally got together in late 2012 following a good reaction to the Flame Griller debut album to provide a live band for the three MCs ExP, JND and Addverse. Ben Wilson on drums had previously been a guitarist in Freyed Knot, an earlier project of ExP and JND, while Andy Illingworth (a friend of Ben’s) on guitar, Colin Sutton on bass and DJ Illas (the Shedmen DJ) on MPC completed the lineup.

They worked on making the produced beats live by chopping them up on DJ Illas’ MPC, and then Ben adding electric drums to them, Andy guitar and Colin electric bass.

Just as they were finding their sound, Addverse relocated to New Zealand indefinitely and also DJ Illas left, but the remaining members wanted to keep something going, so Luke Wynter (who had played keyboards on Keys 5 for the Flame Griller album) was contacted and he agreed to come and jam with the band. Occasionally the band jammed with another friend of Ben’s, David Hogan, who supplies sax on ‘Forget Yesterday’ amongst other tunes. The rest has been a couple of years in the making. Every track begins with a minimal studio set up in a small room to record each person whilst they jam. The recording from these jams are then chopped up by ExP after which he and JND will write to them.

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