The Motto – Gunfighter (Lady Bee Remix/Audio)

The MOTTO make their debut with ‘Gunfighter‘, an infectious first indication of what’s to come in 2016. The Dutch duo honed their skills working with artists like Busta Rhymes, Ghostface Killah and Japanese superstars J Soul Brothers, The Second From Exile and Miho Fukuhara. Singer/songwriter Jalise is the protégé of the famous songwriter/producer Giorgio Tuinfort (Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and David Guetta), producer/songwriter Joveek has worked with songwriters responsible for songs by Rihanna, Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown.

Jalise and Joveek met in Amsterdam and decided to work on a project together. It was the start of a collaboration that resulted in music for tv-commercials of Samsung, Dutch chain of supermarkets Jumbo and national lingerie chain store Hunkemöller.

Joveek: “I instantly fell for Jalises voice. It’s unique; fragile, yet spicy at the same time. The moment she starts to sing she drags you into the track.” Jalise is equally impressed by Joveek: “his style is very much out there and instantly recognizable. He dares to cross limits and his sounds stand out. I was totally blown away by his work”.

Anyone who’s seen them work sees two hands working together. In rapid succession they supplement each other, bounce ideas back and forth and build on top of each others inspiration. It’s like a chemical reaction via music, talking in sounds.

“It feels as if we communicate telepathically” says Jalise. Joveek: “I get high from all the ideas. They just keep on coming when we work together”.

As soon as they start working, the outside world disappears. Their world is reduced to music, with some electricity in the air. It’s a feeling they’ve never had before with anyone else.

The songs keep coming, inspired by images, pictures and each other. This time the songs are not written for others, but for The MOTTO, the monniker they choose for their own project. The songs are experimental and with as much freedom as their inspiration allows. They play with structures, experiment with expectations and throw any rules they don’t like out of the window. They dare to be different, and are proud of their opinions and choices. It’s music made by what they feel, not by what they are asked to make. Their sound has no boundaries. It’s electronic, cinematographic, atmospheric, a bit tough and urban but with a touch of soul.

Jalise: “Usually we work for other people. With The MOTTO we can show who we are. We are proud of our ideas, creativity and opinions, even when it’s different from what’s out there. The MOTTO is art from the heart, without boundaries”.

“One listen and you’ll be hooked” – Clash Magazine
“Uniquely cinematic” – Afropunk