Roy The Savage ft. Nomad – Summertime Chapi (Prod. by coopatroop/Audio)

Even though it’s still a bit chilly in New York City, Roy The Savage and Nomad are trying to heat things up with ‘Summertime Chapi’. The track is the second single off of Roy The Savage’s upcoming project ‘The Giving Tree’ which will be a good mix of poetry inspired tracks and NY Hip Hop. The entire track has a summertime vibe and the bass pounds enough to play it wherever you go.

Roy the Savage was born and raised in the birthplace of Hip Hop, New York City. Growing up in a Dominican household in East New York, Brooklyn has made him the confident, talented artist he is today. You can definitely hear the city’s influence in his music too. His style has been shaped by the golden era of Hip Hop of the 1990’s and NY’s greats. Roy the Savage isn’t your typical rapper either. His music is infused with poetry and soul creating a new sound many haven’t heard before. Outside of music, Roy dedicates himself to his community by running projects that help young people in his neighborhood get internships. His main goal is to travel the world, play music, connect people, promote peace, and spread love.