SMOKE SOME – Higher than a … (Music Video/iTunes)

Gerald Perkins and Guillermo Dinero are SMOKE SOME.

The most drug dealingest cartoon rap group in the history of cartoon rap groups. The biggest weed heads on the internet hands down.

Their debut single ‘Higher Than A..‘ is an instant classic. An anthem for anyone who’s ever thought about the haters in their life, and said,

“Keep hatin b****- I’m still better than you and I’m still gonna smoke this weed”.

SMOKE SOME had been at the music thing for a while before signing a deal with Blunted Panda. Now they’re set to release their debut album ‘#NOREGGIE’ this spring, and even landed a spot in an upcoming video game.

SMOKE SOME is the Cheech and Chong for this generation.

Smoke Some with SMOKE SOME!