Hatter – Hatter of Fact (Album) + Hatter Baby (Music Video)

South East London born and Brighton bred Hatter has been lurking in the shadows of the scene since age fourteen, starting to rap in a star­studded group of youths that included Eyez, Harley & Jordan from Rizzle Kicks and more…

Unfortunately his talent for waving and troublemaking delayed any significant show of productivity ­ until now.

Until Saffa Ghorishi (Mixer & Masterer and producer of track 1) dragged him to the studio, Hatter could be found in one of the cities battered party flats at 9am or sat in a dodgy boozer having a hushed conversation.

The lifestyle and demons Hatter had to battle to put this album out come out in the authenticity of the music and content.

Expect highs of braggadocio and hedonism in ‘W.M.W.M’ and ‘Hatter Baby’, lows of reflection and regret in tracks like ‘Combinations’, and soulful tales of the seedy underbelly of the seaside in ‘Young Ones’.

There is punchlines, complex rhyme structure, turn­up music and storytelling, and the different styles are held together the production which Hatter handled himself.

All this makes for a unique offering, and with the album available for name your price on bandcamp ­ why not? Featuring from Ceezlin, CW Jones, Mas Law, Mrisi and Prospectz.

‘Hatter Baby’ is the high energy debut single from Brighton artist Hatter, it blends styles from the pallet of Hip­ Hop, Grime and Trap and creates a winning formula which has been shutting down live shows and festivals since last summer.

The phrase ‘Hatter Baby’ has stuck and with all the reloads and audience response it received live, it quickly turned into Hatter’s anthem. The video like the tune is lively from start to finish.