Urban Vault Exclusive: Neka & Kahlo feat. Fountaine, Maze Karoma & Mat Randol – Runaways Part I (Audio Premiere)

Portland – Los Angeles Hip Hop soul duo Neka & Kahlo return with a two-part collaborative EP featuring guest verses from Portland – Harlem standout HANiF, KOTD World Champion Illmaculate, and several others.

Part I (produced by Neka aka Fugitive Girl) is a languid and nostalgic ode to the dreary climate and faded aspirations of Portland natives. Blending tonal elements of neo-soul with classic west coast synths that whine gently across determined drums, the track has echos of LA Boom Bap legends the Pharcyde and Jurassic 5.

Neka & Kahlo first made waves in 2014 with their debut Hip Hop single ‘Alchemistress‘, which appeared on BuzzFeed.

The track,

“… burst the genre apart at the seams, bringing rock, pop, and electronic dance music into something that I don’t think Portland has ever quite heard before” – Portland Mercury.

The duo view their differences as a source of inter-sectional power. They see music in technicolor – fashioning drums, high hats and baselines which they wear with pride. They favor nutrient dense lyrics, well seasoned with emotion and bravado. What you hear is a garden of fragrant possibility – a form of self expression that defies the senses and subverts identity constructs. As the pair put it,

“We pray to the god/dess of many faces”.