DJ Dave Dolla Presents: Jay-Z Beyond A Reasonable Doubt – An Audio Documentary Mix (Audio)

Unknowingly, very quickly Jay-Z’s debut album turned 20 years old on the June 25th, in 1996 a Classic by the name of ‘Reasonable Doubt’ was born. This album skyrocketed countless hit singles and classic albums from Mr. Shawn Carter.

Not only did this album introduce us to Jay himself but it was a start of A Dynasty. In this mix DJ Dave Dolla tries and captures some strong points in Hov’s career, starting with songs from the debut album and moving through Hov’s intense discography.

Not only is there Music but throughout the 2 hour mix catch a wave of historic moments in Audio form, pertaining to certain songs. it is a 2 Hour installment, this is only Chapter 1, Chapter 2 & 3 will Follow Next promptly.