The Jazz Jousters Presents: Fourth Base – Anniversary LP (Audio/Limited Cassette/Vinyl/Free Download)

Another year goes by swiftly and we find ourselves at the Jazz Jousters fourth anniversary, and in usual tradition they have put together a project to mark this occasion.

The ‘Fourth Base‘ LP was originally planned as a vinyl album but it’s a little too soon after our recently released ‘Endurance‘ 12″ which was the first part of this anniversary’s goal.

Instead they’ll record ‘Fourth Base’ to cassette tape for this week and here are three more options on getting the album…

Old Skool‘ option: For the moment they’ve made this project a free download dedicated to all those that have been supporting the Jousters since 2012 up to now, and of course all the new supporters and super-fans out there.

Limited Cassette‘ option: Of course some of you want hard copies as much as we do. The Jazz Jousters want this album in your hands to remember four creative years within the group, so we’re doing the tapes to give copies to all involved. The rest of the tapes will be available to all who want them before they’re gone re-issues on this one. They will be shipping out from next week.

The Anniversary 4-Pack‘ option: You can be sent the Fourth Base tape & the Endurance record and only pay for shipping on one record ..even if you order two. You’ll also get digital downloads of both albums as they complete the Anniversary 4-Pack.

Next up for the Jazz Jousters will be the beginning of their 5th season with another Locations series as many of you have requested…