Urban Vault Exclusive: J.Chambers – Merchant of Manny (Music Video Premiere)

Following hot on the heels of Levelz, Children of Zeus and Virus Syndicate – Manchester’s rising star J.Chambers brings us an incredible piece of work in the form of ‘The Merchant of Manny’ the single/video to his latest EP of the same name. ‘The Merchant of Manny’ was inspired by the Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and the pound of flesh concept –

“As artists we’re constantly expected to give more and more besides our music when we’re at the underground stage.

We’re expected to give that proverbial pound of flesh for the ear of new listeners and for the ‘bragging rights’ or ‘hype’. And this concept is explored within the title song”.

‘Merchant of Manny’ explores various topics that face the average young person growing up in cites throughout the UK. J.Chambers navigates through the traps of growing up in working class areas to consumerism, relationships and loss with genuine sincerity and expert delivery. He’s one of those special artists. The ones who speak from the soul and not the ego.

“Quite possibly the only Manchester Hip Hop star channeling the oeuvre of William Shakespeare to stunning effect” – Manchester Evening News.

Pre-order: ‘The Merchant Of Manny‘ EP
Release Date: 08th July

‘Merchant Of Manny’ EP launch party