Mic Righteous – 2005 (Music Video/Link Up TV) + Dreamland (Album Pre-Order)

Mic Righteous recently released the pre-order link and track list for his long awaited 18-track debut album ‘Dreamland’. Alongside it Mic’s ‘Fire In The Booth’ aired on BBC Radio 1Xtra with Charlie Sloth and premiered his single ‘Survivor‘ (currently on the B list on BBC Radio 1Xtra).

The latest track from the album ‘2005’ see’s Mic offering a taste of growing up in Margate and is available to view now via Link Up TV.

“I was never known for rapping back then, I was antisocial, couldn’t interact, I had no companions. But that meant no distractions. So I did what I could, picked up the damn pen…”

“Dreamland is my proudest work to date and a collection of stories I wrote based on personal experiences throughout my life from 2005 until now. I put years of my life into this to make it stand the test of time and I hope it reaches you and you can be part of my story” – Mic Righteous

(Expected Release: 28th October 2016)
1. Gone
2. Survivor (Feat. Tone)
3. 2005
4. His Story
5. I Turn Up!
6. The Kids
7. Tables
8. All Dressed Up (Feat Tom Prior)
9. 4 Lines Deep (Feat. My Baby Mum)
10. Peak Levels (Feat. Tone)
11. Penny
12. Intellectuals Unite
13. Be There (Feat. Tone)
14. Adamant
15. Head F*ck
16. Heart with No Beat (Feat. Danae)
17. Tempo of the Dance
18. Future