Millennium Jazz Music presents: The Solar Panel LP (Audio/Download/Limited Cassette)

The project began as a few simple tracks to put out over the summer months as MJM soaked up the vibes from the sun rays and directed the energy into their music. Then the word got out about the album and the artist list got bigger and bigger. Now they have this massive long player that is almost an hour and twenty minutes long and packed with gems over a 24 track playlist featuring all of MJM’s currently active roster and a few guest features. All of who will be no stranger to a lot of you around the world.

So you would be forgiven if you thought that the title was in reference to a typical photovoltaic system, when in fact ‘The Solar Panel’ are a panel of artists who took inspiration from the summer season and released their warmth in sound waves.

Expect a mixture of styles from Jazz Hop, Instrumental, Emceeing, Lo-Fi, Boombap, Soul and Electronic, but always Hip Hop.

This is MJM’ biggest in house project since ‘The Gathering‘ LP in 2011 and their longest playing cassette ever.

Pre-order: Limited Mega Cassette with Download