Wool See – Departures (Music Video)

Dripping with a grimy, intellectual Northwest sound, Oldominion & Sandpeople cohort IAME has established himself as an inventive and prolific solo artist and one of the region’s best kept secrets. He has spent the last decade honing his skills and forging his own lane, even launching his own label in 2012 with Heaven Noise Recordings.

Most recently, IAME has been branching out with his ‘one-man-band’ side project dubbed ‘Wool See’, which was introduced in December 2014 via the ‘Winter Worn’ EP. Less than a year later, Wool See had three additional releases under its belt – one for each season of the year.

LifeAlert‘ is the newest and most ambitious of the four #WoolSeasons projects. It represents Fall in that it centers around issues of death, loss, and processes coming to an end. The album’s overall themes are summarized best on the track ‘Departures’ which is now accompanied by a trippy new video from rising Portland, Oregon-based director Tim Slew.