Snowgoons ft. Artifacts – All City Kingz (Music Video)

The Snowgoons are back on the strength with their new full length album. ‘Goon Bap’ is a homage to the golden era of Hip Hop.

Besides names like Method Man & Ghostface of the Wu-Tang Clan, Dres from Black Sheep, Psycho Les from the Beatnuts, Onyx, M.O.P., Dilated Peoples…. the Snowgoons also easily manage to place a whole bunch of extremely gifted young guns on the album, proving real Hip Hop is alive and kicking in 2016.

Blowin up all scales right now, 18 year old wonderkid Token leads off a track entitled ‘New Kidz On The Bloc’. The song also features TJ Brown from ‘The Get Down’ TV Show, Goon MuSick’s own Big Kurt, Wu-Tang member U-God’s son, Intell and one of Canada’s hottest rappers, Merkules. Another heavy hitter is Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers who is making a lot of noise on his own right now.

Goon Bap‘ will hit stores worldwide on December 12th via Goon MuSick.