Joel Garden x Dijah SB EP (Mixed by North English/Audio)

Joel Garden x Dijah SB EP (Mixed by North English/Audio)

Canadian based Dijah SB and Joel Garden linked up via soundcloud and two months later, their new EP was born

After a few trips to the studio for some sessions, after 2 months Dijah and Joel had something to offer the world. Three powerful songs that really resonate with the listener with amazing production and deep felt lyrics.

The songs will ever have you dancing or have you thinking and relating back to your own struggles throughout life. The the two combine to create a colorful EP that you can find yourself lost in if you take the time to listen.

Dijah Payne is a 23 year old female rapper from Toronto, her style ranges different but is solid Hip Hop and some even consider it boom bap. Since 2011 Dijah has been on the scene but under a different alias. Her content ranges from dealing with depression and anxiety to lyrics about living life to the fullest and never forgetting to breathe. Dijah SB wants to use her music and lyrics to heal and help others become comfortable with expressing herself. Her one strength is being vulnerable through music and it shows when you hear her spit.

Joel Garden’s music is a direct reflection of his surroundings and his traditional Electro-acoustic training. Sample heavy tunes mixed with organic and imperfect drums are the back bone of Garden’s music. The music is raw and touches on various genres from Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, to Experimental. Garden continues to seek out collaborations as a producer along with releasing free solo projects that constantly change. Never on the grid and always gritty.