13RINGS - All I Know (Audio)

13RINGS – All I Know (Audio)

13RINGS drop their new single ALL I KNOW

Gerard and Ty met while on a football scholarship at Colgate University. After quickly becoming friends, the two found a common bond while spending most of their off time in the school’s music studio.  Propelled by Gerard’s background in music production the two were able to record original tracks and continued to gain notoriety performing their songs at different parties and schools around the area.

Upon graduating, the two briefly disbanded. Gerard continued to produce and write music for various independent and major label artists as well as provide music for MTV, VH1, E!, XXL, and Finish Line. Frustrated by a lack of freedom in creativity, Gerard changed his name and began releasing music under his new moniker. After first singles ‘Grizzy‘ and ‘COLD‘ started gaining traction on his social networks, Gerard tapped close friend Ty for a collaboration. After recording 4 songs in 1 night, they immediately decided to continue on as a duo once again.

Signifying the end of their past monikers, they are seen in their ‘Dey Way‘ video with masks and graphic art concealing their faces. With rising social media numbers, 13RINGS drop their new single ‘All I Know’.