G.RICH - George's Marvellous Medicine (Album/Audio/Free Download)

G.RICH – George’s Marvellous Medicine (Album/Audio/Free Download)

G.RICH a Bristol, UK based Hip Hop artist and co-owner of the Lost Minds collective, recently released his new project GEORGE’S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE

It is a 16 track project with near enough all of the production being handled by dubL$w£ggrz (Aristocrats).

“I feel this project brings a mad and surreal batch of lyrical content catching a spooky vibe accompanied by some heavy, hard-hitting waves throughout every beat” – G.RICH

With features from Axel Holy (D£DW8), Stil Bizzy (Aristocrats), Slackjaw Trait, Treece (SWMS), Springa and Drapes.

“George had absolutely no doubts whatsoever as to how he was going to make his marvellous medicine, he wasn’t going to fool around wondering wether to put in a little bit of this or a little bit of that, quite simply he was going to put in everything he could find. There would be no messing about, no hesitating, no wondering wether a particular thing would knock the old girls sideways or not.

The rule would be this: Whatever he saw wether it was runny, powdery or gooey, in it went. Nobody had ever made a medicine like that before. If it didn’t actually cure then it would cause some exciting results. Worth watching indeed” – Roald Dahl.