Flame Griller - The Flame Grilled Collection - I & II (Audio/Limited Edition Vinyl)

Flame Griller – The Flame Grilled Collection – I & II (Audio/Limited Edition Vinyl)

Millennium Jazz Music drop the new Flame Griller album, FLAME GRILLED COLLECTION I & II, in their legendary MJM style

While we wait patiently for some more Jazz Hop from the West Yorkshire boys via both the Flame Griller outfit or their Tough Crowd Hip Hop Jazz band, MJM decided to release the ‘Flame Grilled collection I & II’ MJM style.

Production by Jas0nBeats, ExP, Kosyne, Shroomz, Twisted Roots and Spillz. Including features from Vicky Flint (Trumpet), Angela Goodwin (vocals), Collin Sutton (Double Bass), Jonathan Newell (Drums) Luke Wynter (Keyboard).

“Although many of you should be aware of Flame Griller and the original Sinoptic Music label, you mite not know that we all go way back and have supported each other for many years. You may have also noticed that we released the debut project from the Hip Hop Jazz band Tough Crowd, which is led by ExP and JND. Yeah? Ok then. Well add emcee Addverse and that completes the trio that is the mighty Flame Griller” – Millennium Jazz Music.

Also available is a very limited amount of never to be repressed 12″, which can be purchased HERE.