Urban Vault Interviews - Loose Logic + No Shame (Prod. by Soleternity/Music Video)

Urban Vault Interviews – Loose Logic + No Shame (Prod. by Soleternity/Music Video)

Southern California emcee Loose Logic presents NO SHAME, the new single/video from REFLECTIONS, his forthcoming album featuring JL of B.Hood

Loose is the recipient of the All Access Magazine Music Award ‘Best Hip Hop Artist of The Year’, the O.C. Music Awards’ ‘Best Urban Artist of the Year’, and was also named a ‘Top 100 Unsigned Artist’ by Music Connection Magazine.

‘No Shame’ was produced by Soleternity, the beatsmith behind singles with Snoop Dogg and Tech N9ne. Loose has several full-length releases under his belt, and has collaborated with Jadakiss – ‘Dumb It Down‘, RBX – ‘Turn To Dust‘ and Jay Rock – ‘Never Sleep‘.

Loose has opened for and performed with Mos Def, Too Short, DMX, Pitbull, KRS-1, DJ Quik, Ying-Yang Twins, Strong Arm Steady and Evidence. He is also a founding member of rap group The Fraternity.

“‘No Shame’ is about trying to find meaning in existence and a reason to not give up in different aspects of life; that meaning comes in many forms”, Loose says about his new single.

Reflections‘ drop’s October 6th on Passion Play Productions.

Urban Vault caught up with Southern California emcee Loose Logic, for a quick chat, check it out below:

Describe the typical Loose Logic fan?

The typical Loose Logic fan is a fan of good music and Hip Hop with a message, depth and/or clever lyrics.

What track of yours do you think you should go down in history for and why?

That is a tough question, however, there is a track on ‘Reflections’ called ‘The Youth’ that not only deals with the current climate of our nation but approaches it with singing as well as rap. It has a universal feel to it and can cross genres easily.

What do you think the old school can learn from the new school and vice versa?

I think the old school can learn how to market in the digital age and probably how to be generally happier and less antagonistic. I think the new school can learn the history of Hip Hop, the pioneers and their impact on the culture, as well as the different stages it went through and why. I also think the new school could study the lyrics from the greats who came before and realize the positive and negative impact words can have. There are a handful of new school artists out there doing this but it seems they are in the minority.

What was the process of shooting the ‘No Shame’ video like?

The video came together quickly, we shot for around 8 hours and had a lot of fun. The idea behind the glitches in the transitions is to symbolize the contrast of my outward appearance with what is taking place inside my mind. We tried to capture frustration, pain, anger, fear, and depression among other emotions and I feel we accomplished that.

What are your plans for 2018?

I am working on a rock LP that will feature some Hip Hop elements but will be very different from anything I have done. I will continue to promote my album “Reflections” and my group, The Fraternity, is going to begin working on our second project.

In a few words, sum up your thoughts about Urban Vault and what we’re trying to do?

I think Urban Vault has a well polished and easy to navigate site that helps bring the latest hip hop news, music and entertainment to fans world wide.  I think what you are doing is great and I hope your recognition and the awareness of your site continues to grow.  I also think both the events and contests tabs are a great addition to the site.

Thank you for your time and may you carry on making dope, fresh music.