Wholagun - Dirty (Audio/Spotify) + Solution To The Problem (Pre-Order/24th Nov)

Wholagun – Dirty (Audio/Spotify) + Solution To The Problem (Pre-Order/24th Nov)

Croydon, South London, based Wholagun, after 3 years of releasing visuals, accumulating in nearly 1 million views, the young rapper releases his first single, DIRTY

Taken from his long-awaited and well-anticipated debut project ‘Solution To The Problem’. The tracks form a backdrop to Wholagun’s story so far, and offers a fresh and honest perspective.

He says: “My music is real and authentic; a reflection of myself. I like to express the good and the bad times in the most depth I can”.

The first single ‘Dirty’ opens with a guttural belly laugh and builds to an alchemy of rap and trap, as Wholagun melodically asks the question

“How you gonna do a man Dirty?”

Solution To The Problem‘ will follow this Autumn, born out of a natural partnership with producer Edixion, simply put:

“we just caught a vibe and made magic”.

Hailing from a musical family, Wholagun grew up listening to music from a young age.

“Music would make me happy and hyper. It was inevitable I was gonna be involved in music somehow”.

Whilst escaping an environment that echoes through most estates in South London; a cycle of gangs, drugs, and violence, which ultimately was the fate of many of his peers, Wholagun made a choice to follow his dreams.

With a positive outlook, not always associated with UK Rap, Wholagun finds inspiration in artists that have met their goals, despite having the odds stacked against them. Having collaborated with the likes of Section Boyz and K Koke to date, Wholagun has carved out his individual sound but still thrives on working alongside other creatives: a natural progression, given the talent concentrated in his particular pocket of London.

It’s an exciting time as the buzz surrounding this artist continues to rise.

Wholagun – Dirty via Spotify

Be on the lookout for the music video dropping soon!

Wholagun – Solution To The Problem Pre-Order HERE