Cypress Hill - The Haunted Hill Documentary (Directed by Myster DL)

Cypress Hill – The Haunted Hill Documentary (Directed by Myster DL)

Filmmaker/Music Video director, Myster DL recently released a documentary about the legendary Los Angeles Hip Hop group Cypress Hill, called THE HAUNTED HILL

Following videos and movies for Redman, Sean Price, Chuck D, Lox, Freeway, Kool G Rap, DJ Premier & 100’s more he releases his 1st documentary.

It was filmed on Halloween night 2017, in Boston MA, and covers the 23+ year ‘Haunted Hill’ concert series.

Cypress Hill were notable for being the first Latino Hip Hop superstars, but they became notorious for their endorsement of marijuana, which actually isn’t a trivial thing. Not only did the group campaign for its legalization, but their slow, rolling bass-and-drum loops pioneered a new, stoned funk that became extraordinary influential in 90’s Hip Hop, It could be heard in everything from Dr. Dre’s G-funk to the chilly layers of English Trip Hop. DJ Muggs crafted the sound, and B Real, with his pinched, nasal voice, was responsible for the rhetoric that made them famous.