Pierce Artists - Kings Returning (Music Video) Taken Off: Kings Returning (Album/Free Download)

Pierce Artists – Kings Returning (Music Video) Taken Off: Kings Returning (Album/Free Download)

Pierce Artists return with KINGS RETURNING,  the long-awaited follow up to their 2014 debut album RAKING DEAD LEAVES IN AUTUMN

As before, it is Rack Mode who handles the bulk of the production on ‘Kings Returning’, with the likes of Mista Shifta, Tang The Pilgrim and Elliot Fresh providing added fire. This time around we are treated to 16 lyrically dense and poetically potent tracks, containing a host of guest spots. Notable features include; Benny Diction (Punning Clan), Nemrot (Flooded Hallways) and Evo Lucian (Livestock) among others. DJ Al Mighty is drafted in and lays cuts on two tracks; ‘The Palm Reader’s Lament’ and ‘Fine Art’, while Indica Blues guitarist, Tom Pilsworth and Message To Bears frontman, Jerome Alexander bless the project with additional instrumentation.

Elliot and Deeq’s influence pervades…aside from their raw and painfully candid approach to writing, they have also mixed, mastered and created the original artwork for this album. ‘Kings Returning’ is something of a work of art itself, an intensely personal and thought-provoking offering, much like its predecessor – though heavier, both in a number of songs and weight of expectation…from beginning to end, Pierce Artists do not let up, they do not conform and they do not disappoint.

Pierce Artists represent and uphold an unusually original take on Hip Hop while staying true to its founding principles. Their dark and poetic narrative is something that is largely overlooked on the UK scene, and an element that is rarely championed.

Discover ‘Kings Returning’ and play your part in the resurgence of ‘Real Rap’.

‘Kings Returning’ is available on free/name your price download on bandcamp

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Check out the video for ‘Kings Returning’ below,