Blake Banks - The Bachelor Vol.2 (Album/Audio/iTunes)

Blake Banks – The Bachelor Vol.2 (Album/Audio/iTunes)

Chicago native Blake Banks brings us his latest project, THE BACHELOR VOL.2 featuring Lil Budduh & Lil Duke

Recorded and produced by Blake’s in-house production team The Ambulance Factory in Los Angeles, California, the record consists of trap-ballad style production, with catchy melodies and witty lyricism by Banks.

Unlike many of his peers, Blake separates himself by adding guitar to a lot of his tracks, accompanied by a unique vocal style.

With few features, Blake enlists Young Thug’s protege Lil Duke for their catchy banger ‘By My Side’, and a guest appearance by Lil Budduh on ‘Freaky’.

Blake Banks – The Bachelor Vol.2 via iTunes